Becoming an Overnight Success Takes a Lifetime

September 13, 2013

Becoming an Overnight Success Takes a Lifetime.

Becoming an Overnight Success Takes a Lifetime

by Martin O’Dowd, President, Hurricane Gril & Wings franchise

Everywhere you look it seems like a hot new brand or phenomenal business turnaround is being promoted in the form of a new business book on Amazon. When you look under the covers, often all you see are smoke and mirrors, with little hard evidence to support the headlines or the hype. In this age of hype over substance, where perception often precedes reality, how do you know the real deal from the flavor of the month? How do you determine the real winners with staying power from the wannabes that come and go so often?

One thing is still as true today as it ever has been: Creating and building enduring value and success usually takes time, hard work, and a real deep understanding of your business. There really are no short cuts to success. Time and time again, as I read about a leader’s supposed meteoric rise to fame, I discover that they toiled for years and built their success on a foundation of consistent hard work and more than a few failures along the way. Almost every successful entrepreneur I know possesses a deep understanding and a gut level intuition that gives them a leg up over the competition in their industry.

I remember reading in a very early book about Donald Trump that he was truly an expert in the real estate and construction field and had learned the business the hard way at the feet of his father. While he was certainly one of the first to add the element of great branding to the real estate industry, his early success was built on a firm foundation of hard work, industry expertise, and business acumen.

I recently finished reading another great business success story that I highly recommend. It’s about the life of Sir Thomas Lipton, called “A Full Cup: Sir Thomas Lipton’s Extraordinary Life and His Quest for the America’s Cup” by Michael D’Antonio. Thomas Lipton was the Sam Walton, PT Barnum, and Steve Jobs of his day all rolled into one. There is so much to be learned about building a great brand and a great business from people like these. Invest the time, do your homework, read and learn from the best, and don’t be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions.

Who are your heroes and mentors in life? I can point you to my historical role models, the people throughout history that I look up to that have shaped how I look at the world around me and my potential place in it. My all-time heroes and role models include Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Michelangelo, Sam Walton, and David of Old Testament fame. All of these brilliant world changers fought through incredibly difficult times in their personal lives and tremendous adversity in the world around them well before they made history. Great success can only be judged through the lens of time. Overnight successes are rarely what they seem. Look under the covers and pass the hype to find the foundation on which the success story has been built. If you find the kind of expertise, wisdom, integrity, and clarity of vision emblematic of great people and organizations, you may be on to something. If all you see is the wizard pulling the levers creating the grand illusion, then just follow the yellow brick road onto the next opportunity.

Martin O’Dowd
Hurricane Grill & Wings franchise company

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