Do you know how to garner and leverage great press?

August 7, 2013

Are you frustrated with your PR efforts and campaigns? Do you struggle to generate exciting stories that get picked up in the national, regional and local media? Are your blogs and social/professional networks growing exponentially? Last month alone we were able to garner over 11 MM media impressions through our PR firm Konnect working with our franchisees, our vendors, our marketing team and our senior leadership  team. For a brand with just 55 restaurants open in 11 states, this is quite an accomplishment. I certainly have to give credit to our PR firm for working hard  and doing a great job of getting our story out nationally, regionally and locally as we grow our brand. We have focused on this area for quite some time, and have been reaping the benefits through ever greater exposure and interest. There are a few keys to success to driving great PR and using it effectively:

  • One of the first keys is to remember something my dad told me years ago. “You may be focused on the doughnut, but others may just see the hole”. In other words, you have to be speaking about things that the press actually has an interest in. It’s often the personal side of the story that drives interest, so make sure to have thought about what is unique about the people involved.
  • The media is usually not interested in hearing about what you say you are going to do, they want to feature you actually doing it. I hear lots of brands talk about huge expansion plans, new prototypes, great marketing campaigns, and great things to come. Somehow these things either don’t ever happen or just fizzle out. The media in general doesn’t like to look bad, so they usually wait until you are actually opening up those stores, driving customers with your successful campaign or building those new prototypes before they will report on them.
  • PR is great content! The secret to social media and search engine optimization today is having relevant and interesting content. Great PR is a terrific way to build share-able content on your social media and company web sites. This will greatly benefit both your search rankings and readership when done on a consistent basis. By coordinating and linking all of your PR content, blogs, web sites, social and professional sites you can maximize your brands exposure and begin to build the halo everyone is looking for.

As you can see from the numbers below we have become extremely efficient at driving PR and interest in our brand. Last year alone we generated almost 1/2 billion gross impressions. These are the kinds of numbers only huge national brands are able to generate with huge budgets!

Hurricane Grill & Wings July 2013 Total Impressions: 11,773,297

2012 Media Impressions

 NATIONAL   290,277,391

IN-MARKET (LOCAL STORE)   164,953,524



TOTAL 2013  IMPRESSIONS   459,969,101