Own a Franchise

We understand that an essential key to success isn’t just finding the right franchise owners, but providing them with the best support in the industry to build and grow their business. Our ongoing hands-on training and support includes:

  • Expert tools & technologies combined with hands on monthly visits for coaching and excellence
  • Annual Franchise Conference & Regional Town Hall meetings
  • Web based guest satisfaction programs

The Hurricane Grill & Wings® Continuum of Support
Our expert teams work with you before, during and after your restaurant’s Grand Opening to assist you in the following areas:

Site Selection

To assist you in the site selection process, we review your proposed site’s demographics, placement within the trade area, and specific characteristics of that area. We utilize “sitesusa” as our mapping, demographic and competitive information database to provide the analytical overview of each potential site. We combine this data with our real time knowledge of the market and competitive set, as well as conducting live site visits to all sites prior to approval. A full site package including a performa model will be completed on each site to provide the scope of analysis. If you don’t have a specific or trade area in mind, we will leverage our nation al resources and expertise to work with you to help you locate one.

Site Criteria/Trade Area

As a general rule of thumb, look for an area with a minimum of 60,000 people within a 6 mile drive, 25,000 daytime population within a 6 minute drive of your proposed site, and average daily traffic count of 25,000 cars minimum. You should seek a location that is on the dominant traffic corridor. Ideally, it should be on the path your guests already pass as they are heading out for work, school, shopping, or recreation. Be sure the roads around your site allow guests adequate decision-making time with good access and visibility.
The ideal site would be a 2,000 to 4,000 square-foot end cap or free standing building, preferably with patio seating, in a retail or entertainment center that has a daytime and night/weekend population, with a good concentration of households.

Building and Design

Our design & construction team provides site layouts and prototype building plans for new construction. They will assist you as you work with your architect to modify these plans to suit local requirements, while maintaining the quality and image that Hurricane Grill & Wings demands. Our 21 week countdown with our new store opening team and our Grand Opening Guide will support you throughout the entire design and construction process to insure a successful Grand Opening!

  • Typical sites are 2,000 – 4,000 square feet stand-alone or end-cap to allow for a minimum of 150+ seats plus a full bar and patio seating
  • Layout and design specifications applied to each site to maximize the use of space for optimal results
  • We take advantage of second generation spaces to save thousands in construction costs
  • Flexible design and footprint standards that insure we maximize your return on every dollar invested with a focus on free standing and end-cap locations
  • Hands on support throughout the real estate modeling & search, site design, construction and pre-opening process


Hurricane Grill & Wings offers its franchisees a four-week program that includes both classroom-style and in-restaurant training. In addition, a Hurricane Grill & Wings opening team will work with you for seven days prior to your restaurant’s opening, as well as at least seven days after your restaurant is open. Once a Hurricane Grill &
Wings restaurant opens, franchisees receive continued interaction and support from us in the form of operational updates, training from franchise business consultants, market meetings, manager workshops, and a Hurricane Grill & Wings Annual Conference.

  • Four-week intense training at our corporate training store for general managers, three weeks for kitchen managers and two weeks for assistant managers
  • A team of six or more trainers will arrive one week prior and at least two weeks after your opening to insure your success


Hurricane Grill & Wings Brand Positioning :

Our “Live with Flavor®” and “Take a Flavor Vacation®” brand positioning plays up our fun, family-friendly, laid-back, authentic beach-themed atmosphere. We have a 50/50 male to female customer base with a multi-generational demographic.

In a competitive restaurant marketplace sales & marketing have become as important as providing quality products, great service, and a clean environment for our guests. Our marketing team addresses local, regional and national marketing strategies through a combination of social, print, TV, radio and PR to drive awareness nationwide. By developing and introducing Limited Time Offer menus three times a year, and updating our core menus twice a year, we insure that there is always fresh, exciting news in front of our our customers year round that keeps them coming back. We provide a year round calendar of exciting offers and events to entice our guests and drive traffic to our restaurants is their specialty.

  • 12-week Grand Opening Guide will insure the successful launch of your new restaurant
  • National Advertising Fund kicks in beginning with our public relations team promoting your restaurant both locally, regionally and nationally.
  • The Hurricane Grill & Wings National Marketing and Public Relations Calendar insure that there are always exciting events and promotions year round.
  • Your Local Store Marketing Tool Kit and on-line resource center allow you to customize your events for your market, while leveraging the strength of the Hurricane Grill & Wings brand
  • Online Resource Center to customize your programs
  • Fully automated Loyalty club rewards program
  • Robust social marketing campaigns and pages for each store

Our Creative and Effective Marketing Muscle provides:

  • The right balance of products, services and brand personality delivered through effective cutting edge marketing programs
  • Our expert marketing team provides hands on support for all LTO menu promotions, social media, local store marketing, action sports and local store marketing events, and participation in our national marketing calendar.

Our Consistent & Powerful New Product Pipeline:

  • Fueled by innovation to drive guest traffic
  • Best in Class Core product offerings
  • Limited time offer products and promotions
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings public relations team produces results nationally, regionally and locally for you.


The purchasing team works with our supplier partners to secure national pricing, the highest quality food and packaging, elevated food safety practices, innovative products, and a sufficient supply of quality products and/or services.

  • National broad line distribution by Sysco Foods nationwide.
  • 92% of our Sysco distribution is done under national contract directly with our suppliers and vendors. Contracts locked down and are bid annually to insure best pricing.
  • Third party auditing of every Sysco invoice of every invoice for every store to insure proper pricing and crediting for discrepancies.
  • Full on-line access to the HGW Resource center 24 hours a day for all resource center materials.
  • HGW receives no rebates.
  • All marketing allowances paid directly to you.