Grand Opening Sales Records – What is your personal best?

February 13, 2013

I recently posted a question soliciting feedback and input on the best grand opening strategy for a restaurant to follow. It has received a ton of responses from around the country. Many of the responses held great information and insight from experienced professionals and should be really useful to those in the business. The timing for these posts was perfect since we had just opened our 49th restaurant in Elkton, Maryland  and are about to Grand Open our 50th in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The Elkton, MD Hurricane Grill & Wings set revenue records for their grand opening week with sales in excess of $85,000 and outstanding customer service index scores. The combination of powerful grand openings and great customer service right from day #1 is a recipe for long term success in any brand. We send a team of 6 – 8 certified corporate trainers to very opening, and we are on sight for at least 3 weeks to insure the launch of the restaurant. By providing terrific pre-opening training and support along with a full hands on crew of expert trainers in all front and back of the house positions we are able to provide the type of support our brand is becoming famous for!

The Opening Team for Elkton, MD

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