How do you generate great PR?

May 31, 2013

Mahi Fish Tacos – WKRG News 5.

Last year alone we generated  almost 1/2 billion gross PR impressions at Hurricane Grill & Wings. I’m always being asked how a brand our size, with just over 50 restaurants to date, is able to garner such strong national, regional and local PR. I can tell you for starters that it doesn’t just happen by itself, and will share some of our secrets of success with you.

  • We take a professional approach to generating PR. We have one of the best national PR firms on retainer year round, and we work with them as if they were part of our senior management team. Konnect is a great PR firm out of LA that works their butts off to get us the media attention nationally, regionally, locally and in all of the industry trades each and every week. They are incredibly creative and work very closely with our team each week to develop, coordinate and execute our strategies and tactics. None of this is plug and play; you have to work hard at it every week and you have to work with the best! if you are looking for an easy answer to building a great brand through powerful media exposure, I don’t have that solution in my bag of tricks. 
  • We actively work as a senior management team to develop and produce exciting and interesting content for a wide variety of both consumer and industry audiences. Take for instance our Hurricane Action Sports Teams. We are now sponsoring over 24 professional actions sports athletes that compete regionally, nationally and even internationally. We have invested in this program for over a year to develop something no other restaurant company has, and it fits incredibly well with our brand personality. Our action sports athletes and stories resonate with our customers and have already begun going viral. You can see our athletes all over the media wearing our logos and promoting our brand right alongside their other household named sponsors. They come out to our restaurants and put on demos, sign autographs, sport our logo wear during competition and on the boards and bikes, and talk about us every chance they get. We have two full time outstanding people that have developed and coordinate this program for us. We have recently purchased a surf contest series and we work with Bare Foot Wines on their Surf-rider Foundation and Beach Clean up events. This gives us tremendous credibility with the media, and is catching fire with our customer base especially in the social  media sector. We support it with our own Hurricane Action Sports magazine and really cool logo wear etc.. This program took significant resources and patience to develop, but is beginning to show great results.
  • Our senior management team, franchise partners, area developers and everyone we work with is highly respected and tremendously active in their own particular spheres of influence. That type of credibility and community involvement just can’t be bought. When FOX News needs someone to show up in NY last minute during a major snowstorm the week before the Super Bowl along with a full cast, back drop, and all of the supporting requirements, they know from past experience they can call us. They know that no matter what we will be there on time, with a first rate team, and we will make them look great! We could never afford to be on national TV the week of the Super Bowl, but because of our relationships and reputation with these great companies, we get consistently the call and these great opportunities to build pour brand.
  • We consistently do what we say we are going to do. You can only fool the press once, and they don’t like to look stupid. If you make a promise or a commitment, then you better fulfill them on a consistent basis. As in every part of your business, your brand has a reputation that is key to it’s success. Building a strong reputation with the media can take time, but it is well worth the effort. Today they call us first with opportunities that many brands would beg for, because we always deliver! When FOX news
  • You have to be willing to take risks! Last year we received millions of PR impressions and comments on things other brands probably would have avoided. The bottom line is that the press needs these real world truthful comments and views on controversial issues that come up from time to time in order to produce their stories. Very few brands are willing to take the stage at times like these. Since we step up even when other brands shrink, we have a tremendous relationship and reputation among the media that simply can’t be bought.



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