Is advertising during the Superbowl really worth it?

January 30, 2013

The other day we were meeting with one of the top Advertising firms in the country, and they had a really interesting take on how to best leverage the Superbowl. Last year they ran a huge campaign for one of their biggest clients who happens to be one of the largest pizza delivery chains in the US. Their strategy was to buy maximum time for the month running up to and immediately after the big game with a very robust campaign featuring a huge contest and give away immediately following the Superbowl  They only purchased “run of station” time at deeply discounted prices through some cool purchasing strategies they employ and leverage, and were able to virtually own the consumers mind share running up to and after the big game, without ever running an ad during the game.Needles to say it was a tremendous hit with both consumers and the client and set all kinds of sales records for the brand.
At the same time I have also been a part of an emerging brand that have very successfully utilized an “all in strategy  to announce themselves as a major player in the national marketplace and driven tremendous interest in the brand with some great, cutting edge creative. This of course was a huge gamble and required that they commit the vast majority of their resources into this one campaign. The brands went on to realize market values measured in the billions, and their Superbowl ads were definitely a defining moment in the history of the brand.

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