"Live With Flavor" and chrunchify it!

August 23, 2012

It often amazes me how few restaurants have really great food and drinks nowadays. Somewhere between the battle to put up the most big screen TV’s and putting the staff in the skimpiest possible attire many restaurants seem to loose sight of what really keeps people coming back – Great Food and Drinks along with warm, friendly service. One of the first things that drew me to Hurricane Grill & Wings was their “Live With Flavor” personality and the great food. Somewhere along the line I think that many in the industry have lost focus on providing great flavorful food that simply fits peoples likes and wants. After all, going out to eat is a choice, not a necessity for most people. Given the choice, I always pick a place where they welcome me just as I am, with friendly smiles in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and I know that no matter what I order, I am going to enjoy it, and want to come back for more. Doing that day in and day out, and keeping it fresh year in and year out is tougher than most people will ever know. It takes a lot of dedicated time, talent and energy, but in the end, though that achieve the goal become the companies that build long term success. Those that focus on the fad of the day, and lose focus on the basics, tend to fly high for a while, and then come crashing down. I applaud the great restaurateurs, owners and operators that make it happen every day.
One of the things I love about Hurricane Grill & Wings is our awesome menu that has something for everyone. Whether people come in for the fresh, jumbo wings, Churrasco steaks, fresh grilled fish, delicious salads, our fiesta tacos or one of our craft beers, they always get to enjoy the flavor of any of our 32+ sauces and rubs. I absolutely love our burgers and would stack them up against any of the “better burger” chains. Our flour dusted fresh buns are awesome and the juicy, 1/2 pound always fresh never frozen black Angus beef topped off with any of our 32+ sauces and rubs, served with a side of garlic parmigiana fries is world class. Recently I tried one of our burgers with our buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles and topped with our home made kettle chips. I heard about the “crunchify it” idea of putting home made kettle chips on the burger on the food network, and I wanted to give it a go. I have to say it was awesome and I will be spreading the word!

Hurricane Grill & Wings

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