Own A Hurricane Grill and Wings San Juan, Puerto Rico Restaurant Franchise!

The city of San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico. Its local population of almost 400,000 ranks it the 46th largest city under the jurisdiction of the United States. Known for its beautiful weather and crystal blue waters, San Juan is the financial, cultural and tourism capital of Puerto Rico. Average temperature of only 81 degrees, San Juan is a attractive tourist and cruise port destination known for its award winning museums, attractions, hosting world sporting events, and of course restaurants! When you think of San Juan you may think about a historic landmark
with majestic old-style Spanish architecture, festive nightlife, and a gentle sound of the surf pounding at the shore. We think of it as an excellent business opportunity for you: owning a Hurricane Grill & Wings franchise. Ready to learn more? Have a site location in mind? Please complete the form below for more information. If you have a location in mind in another city in Puerto Rico
please let us know.

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