Should You Do A Grand Opening Event On Day One?

February 5, 2013

I have seen lots of different plans and heard a variety of ideas for opening new restaurants over the years. Having been involved in the opening of thousands of new restaurants around the world, these ideas are often offset by the owners desire to drive revenue into the new establishment to cover all of the opening and operating costs that are being incurred on an ongoing basis. Having just opened another new restaurant in Elkton, Maryland yesterday, I am reminded of the benefits of focusing on the basics and executing with excellence in building long term success. We set record opening day revenue records yesterday with very little fanfare, and did a great job of servicing all of our guests. We will of course be conducting a huge grand opening series of events in the coming weeks and months, and are really excited to see new records being broken. The key to all of this is that we prepare for success by having a dynamite team of 6 – 8 new store openers and certified trainers at each opening for at least three weeks. They are on hand to help train, organize and run the show as the new crew and management team settles into place and welcomes their new guests; and they do a fantastic job! As one of the fastest growing brand in the country today, we are looking forward to many more of these great openings, and of course we welcome you to join us.

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