Ten Best Chicken Wings In Broward County

June 23, 2014




Nothings screams sports like chicken wings. Whether it’s breaded and fried, tossed in fat-laden sauce, or fired in a coal oven, chicken wings are the perfect accoutrement to watching the game.

It actually makes perfect sense. The handheld athletic favorite is so greasy, there’s no need to worry about wiping in between bites, giving viewers the perfect option for maximum flavor and minimum eye contact — no need to lift your eyes from the screen while munching on these little pups.

Just as the style of wing can differ, so can the actual sport. Wings don’t discern against football, baseball, basketball, or, heck, even the World Cup.

No matter which sport your currently paying attention to, a chicken wing is most appropriate. Head to one of these places for the next athletic-viewing endeavor.

Here are the ten best wings in Broward County.


5. Hurricane Grill & Wings

Don’t get us wrong, we love mild, medium, and hot wings. But after a while, you need to change things up a bit, you know, throw a curveball in the game. That’s when we come here for the wings. There’s nothing like putting on a new suit: teriyaki glaze and raspberry sauce when you’re feeling mild and sweet, mango BBQ and lemon pepper glaze when you want to step it up a notch, ancho chile lime sauce and Thai ginger and garlic glaze when it’s time to get serious about heat, and extra-hot hurricane sauce or volcanic lava glaze when you’re ready to feel the burn shoot out of your eyeballs. Look, we all have moods, and they change. Come here when you have a hankering for something other than ordinary.