The best Advice I’ve Ever Received

July 15, 2013

“The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received” could be the title for many of the things that I read and hear on almost a daily basis. This does not happen accidentally though. I spend time every morning and every night reading, talking thinking about, and praying about things that are important in my life and the lives of the people around me. I consider myself very fortunate indeed to have access to so many great minds, books, and resources throughout my day. We live in a time where massive amounts of  information and knowledge are available at our fingertips. The key is to make time to utilize those resources, to listen to those people around us, and then to create margins in your life to think about these things in a meaningful way. I am incredibly thankful for the friends and relationships I have developed over the years that have invested their time and energy; generously shared their knowledge and experience; and  helped me to learn and grow in ways I never knew was possible. I also try to spend time doing the same thing for others wherever possible. My experience is that for some reason I learn the most when I am teaching others.

At the same time I know many people that seem to walk away from every conversation or meeting never having really heard anything that was said. They are quick to interrupt to tell you there view point regardless of how  limited their knowledge on the subject may be. These are the people that seem destined to suffer the same problems and  set backs time after time, and make very little real progress in life. Inevitably they blame others for their problems and circumstances.

We all have a choice to make each day. We can live life to the fullest and and enjoy the blessings of the day. We can learn and grow from the struggles, and we can celebrate the victories. We can appreciate and encourage those around us and be thankful for their unique gifts and talents. We can enjoy the simple things in life, our families, our friends, the ability to work and grow and create. This is the choice of the truly successful people I know and love to spend time with. Their energy and spirit is contagious and habit forming.

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