The Restaurant Industry Is Growing Strong – Full Of Opportunities For You

May 29, 2014

Growth is like oxygen … That’s the message I’m receiving as I read through the May 12th issue of Nation’s Restaurant News. It’s loaded with snippets and stories of growth …innovate, invest, work-your-tail-off kind of growth. The issue is titled “Next Steps: Maintaining Momentum at Every Phase of Growth.” It is loaded with stories about upstart, growing chains as well as tips from subject matter experts, which are interspersed with ads from brands looking to sell franchises. We’re yelling, “Sell! Sell!” at the same time as “Schnell! Schnell!”

Is it any wonder that the recent National Restaurant Show in Chicago is up in attendance for the third year in a row…for both exhibitors and attendees?

The restaurant industry is flush with opportunities of all sub-varieties: fast, fast casual, casual dining, franchised, corporate owned, independent. The main link among them is if you have something new and can offer excellent product quality and service, then growth is yours for the taking (or grabbing). Growth can also be fleeting. Expand too fast, drop quality and service, lose innovation, well, we all know what happens next – you run out of oxygen. The proverbial canary in a coalmine.

The restaurant industry, and franchising in general, is healthy and alive. We are open for business! Just make sure you are aligned with an innovative, proven concept with experienced management so you can enjoy the success of sales and unit growth and also weather the occasional ebb tide.

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