Why I Love This Place

October 15, 2012

Just last week I was able to sit in for part of the photo shoot for our new core menu and our limited time offering menus. I am incredibly excited about what we are doing with the food here and I know that we are going to have several more huge hits on our hands. I’ll be sure to blog about  a few of them to give you the inside scoop of how we came up with the ideas and recipes, and what the future may have in store for us. 
One of the cool new products we recently discovered and look forward to testing is “Hurricane Rum”. The rum is distributed by a top shelf company out of Nantucket, and hard to get to say the least. Here is what the distillery had to say about the rum:

 “First released in late summer 2003, Hurricane Rum was introduced during the Hurricane season. This is done in honor of the awesome storms that cause havoc from the Keys to Nantucket . The rum is over-proofed to match the strength of the most recent hurricane that season. It is aged in bourbon casks imparting a wonderful golden color and distinctive whiskey flavor. Hurricane Rum is truly small batch and quite difficult to find”.
By continually bringing out unique and delicious products and exciting promotions you can only get at Hurricane Grill & Wings, we are keeping it fresh and exciting for our guests. 

Hurricane Grill & Wings

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