Why is Hurricane Grill & Wings experiencing a 35%+ growth rate and positive comp sales 4 years running?

May 2, 2013

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I know that there are lots of great reasons for getting into business with the hottest concepts of the day, but to us the first and most important question we ask in every decision we make goes back to our mission statement. Our mission statement, “To Create Enduring Value for our Franchise Partners” is the first consideration in deciding who, what, where and when we invest as a brand. People are always amazed to see our corporate financials, which are included in our FDD, when they see the level at which we continue to invest back into our brand to insure achieving our stated goal of becoming a truly great national restaurant company. Our investments in new technologies, in hiring the very best talent nationwide in the areas of marketing, training, operations and providing tremendous support in all areas of the business very hard to find when you dig deep into some of the franchise companies in existence today. We recently had a very well known, successful multi-unit franchisee bring us several locations of one of the “hot concepts” he had invested in, to convert them to Hurricane Grill & Wings. So many experienced business people approach us simply because they heard about our great support and how well our restaurants are doing in every market we are opening in nationwide. There is nothing more important to us than our business reputation. We could grow a lot faster than our current expansion rate of 35% per year, but we always make sure to manage our growth rate to insure the long term success of all of our stakeholders. By giving all of our franchise partners the appropriate time it takes to find great locations with the right economics, we insure that they are also growing at a rate that insures their long term business success.